Finding the Nation’s Christmas Tree…
in the White Mountains of Arizona

August 13, 2009 11:52 am

christmas in washington dcArizona has been given a grand opportunity to showcase the “Grand Canyon State” with a tree to provide that magic splendor you see each year on television of the beautiful Christmas tree illuminating the foreground of the Nation’s Capitol.  No, it’s not made in Hollywood like a stage set, it is a real tree chosen each year from a  national forest.  The Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest headquartered in Springerville, AZ, is leading the production, along with many partners and sponsors.  The process is honorary, historic and a production like none other.

We will set the stage for you, giving you history of the tree, the process, pictures of the cutting, the transporting of the tree and the need for hundreds of volunteers it takes to make the tree move from the State of Arizona to Washington, DC.

There are plenty of roles to fill and we are anxious to have individuals, groups, sponsors and all Arizonians get involved at any level or capacity to make this a truly spectacular undertaking.  Take a look around the site to find out more…



United States Forest Service