November 15, 2009

November 15, 2009 12:24 pm

JCP-w-Toy-SoldiersI’m not sure if I have ever been this tired!  We are all running on less than empty with early morning calls and late nights.  The hearty blow of the giant truck horns transporting the tree spurns us into action and on to another town.  In 10 days the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009 tour will have visited 28 communities and participated in as many events.  I have been astounded by the welcomed arms and warm embraces that Arizona towns greet us with.

We are stuffed into our caravan of Forest Service vehicles usually before dawn.  We start the day with a morning briefing that is lead by our Logistics Goddess, Judy Palmer.  A tall woman with a quiet, yet powerful presence, she gives our team their marching orders complete with travel details and times in military hours.  She always takes a moment to announce, “And for Julia… 13:30 means 1:30pm.”   Judy has led teams of Forest Service staff through fires and major events.  For her, the Capitol Christmas Tree is one of many management projects she has led throughout her career.  I doubt Judy gets much sleep.  From healthy staff members to potential driving hazards, Judy Palmer has to have a crystal ball 24/7 to keep her team in line.



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