November 17, 2009

November 17, 2009 1:51 pm

JCP-w-Ch-33I have always been an Arizona flag waiver. Growing up in the Grand Canyon State we all knew the 5 C’s by heart.  But Arizona is so much more than copper, cattle, citrus, climate and commerce.  Traveling throughout my beloved state as we are, I have been astounded and inspired by the people.  I now believe that we should add a sixth C and call it character for the folks that are the backbone of Arizona.

From the smallest mining towns to the large cities, our tour has been embraced by a warmth and excitement I never anticipated.  When the giant truck transporting the Capitol Christmas Tree rolls into town, people of all ages, sizes and shapes stop to welcome us.  In Lake Havasu City as will approached our staging area a swell of applause broke out and I could hear the cheers ringing across the caravan.  The tree is a rock star and along with it I have become a groupie.



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