November 24, 2009

November 24, 2009 12:03 pm

JCP-w-Jim-PayneJames W. Payne is my brother in crime.  As the Forest Service PIO – that’s Public Information Officer for us outside the agency – he is the go to guy for media.  He is a tall, handsome man who has grown a full white beard in the spirit of the season.  Jim is also retiring this year and our journey of the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009 has become one giant farewell event.  Forest Service staff, active and retired, have visited our event stops along the way to bid him adieu.  It has been a marvelous thing to witness.

Jim has been able to manage the flurry of media activity that swirls around the tree.  He is adept at gathering media outlets to our event sites and making each newspaper, magazine, radio and television station feel as though they are getting the best “scoop” of the day.  He is never without his phone, laptop and notebook – always furiously working on behalf of this project.  I have enjoyed working with him and learning how the Forest Service communicates with the media.



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