November 26, 2009

November 26, 2009 12:01 pm

JCP-and-Jason-at-OprylandThanksgiving has always been my most treasured day of the year.  Today we are in Roanoke, Virginia with blustery weather and Christmas just around the corner.  It was November 3rd when I left my home and family to embark upon this once in a lifetime journey.  I will not return until about December 12th.  When I left Phoenix it was still hot and the holidays seemed like a million miles away.  Cooler weather, let alone gloves and a wool coat seemed like a fashion folly.  Now, I find myself chilled to the bone on a daily basis.

I have never been away from my child and husband for such an extended time, nor have most of my traveling companions.  However, we are a merry lot and crafted a family of our own, complete with patience for each other’s annoying habits.  Of course, as with any family we have our running jokes, enjoy poking fun at each other and are now starting to complete each other’s sentences.  I tag-team dinner with my new best friend Jason Mangum the City of Show Low Parks and Recreation Director.  He is the perfect foil for sharing a dessert after a hearty meal.

A big bear of a man, always quick with a smile, Jason is quick witted, completely fun and lives in the moment.  He has reminded me the value of searching for the joy in every moment.



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