November 28, 2009

November 28, 2009 1:51 pm

JCP-w-ChadA critical part of this project has been law enforcement.  From the security of the actual tree to the safely escorting two giant semi-trucks, a variety of additional Forest Service vehicles and a hybrid Prius, this is a daunting task.  Our LEO – Law Enforcement Officer – is Chad Scussle.  This second-generation Forest Service member has been the mighty force keeping us safe, on track and moving in the right direction.  A young man, with a passion for his trade, Chad has left his wife and two small babies at home in Snowflake, Arizona for the grinding duration of this expedition.

I have never spent any amount of time around law enforcement professionals and this new friendship has become one of my fascinations.  Chad has given me tremendous insight into the process of law enforcement, complete with humor and amazing compassion.  He along, with the other members of this intrepid team, has instilled a great degree of pride and confidence in the process and stewardship of the Forest Service.  Jason Mangum has nicknamed Chad “The Bulldog” and it seems perfectly fitting.



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