November 30, 2009

November 30, 2009 1:55 pm

We officially delivered the People’s Tree to the United States Congress today.  Our morning began at about 3:00 am, or at least it was supposed to!  For some reason, my handy travel alarm rebelled at the thought of another early wake-up call and did not go off.  I was roused by Capitol Christmas Tree Coordinator, Rick Davalos with a phone call wondering where I was.  Horrified by the thought of being left behind, I threw my things into my duffle bag and bolted out the door in the dark of night.  Our caravan was lined up, their exhausts belching out puffs of white in the frigid morning air as I jumped into the truck that has been my chariot for the past 4,600 miles.  Maryland State Police escorts with their flashing lights led us through meandering streets and into the hands of Capitol Police where were taken up to the West lawn of the Capitol.

As dawn bloomed we began the arduous task of preparing the giant Christmas tree for delivery.  Cold wind blew throughout the morning with rain threatening us along the way.  I was amazed by the number of folks who strolled past our parked caravan to inquire about the tree.  One woman stopped to chat had ties to Arizona with family as well as a D.C. neighbor who was actually from Alpine, the tiny White Mountain community where the tree came from!



United States Forest Service