December 5, 2009

December 5, 2009 1:58 pm

I visit the tree site just about daily to photograph the progress of the Capitol grounds crew and their work with the giant Blue spruce.  With all the security around the Capitol complex, I always identify myself before approaching the heavily secured areas.  Today, upon my arrival, one of the guards interrupted my introductory speech and drawled, “Yeah, I recognized you and all your Arizona turquoise jewelry.  You kinda stand out in these parts.”

At first I was not sure whether to chuckle or not.  However, I chose my Arizona fashion as a testament to the Grand Canyon State and this project.  So I guess it has worked.  I wanted to tell the Capitol guard that in Phoenix, I generally wear a suit to work each day and my cowboy boots only on the weekends.  That I never owned a horse and I live in America’s 5th largest city.  While I am a child of the desert, I am certainly no hick.  I bounced back from my flare of hubris and went on to the work at hand – taking pictures of the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009.

Perhaps all the time away from family has started to make me cranky!



United States Forest Service