Ornament Information

Criteria for Outdoor Ornaments

American families across the nation hold fond memories of decorating their own trees over the years. The Capitol Christmas Tree 2009 is no different. Schoolchildren throughout Arizona will make 5,000 ornaments to be placed on the iconic symbol often called “The People’s Tree.” An additional 1,000 ornaments will decorate 75 trees placed throughout federal buildings in the United States Capitol. Get involved and be a part of Arizona history!

  • 5,000 outdoor ornaments will be placed on the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009.
  • Outdoor ornaments must be 9 to 12 inches tall.
  • Outdoor ornaments need to survive 3 weeks of harsh winter weather, which could include snow and rain.
  • A 12-to-15-inch loop of 20-gauge wire (coat-hanger weight) is needed on each ornament for hanging.
  • Ornaments should be designed to be viewed up close and as far away as 75 feet.
  • Natural materials should be used that are eco-sensitive and recyclable. Glass will not be used.
  • Capitol Christmas Tree 2009 theme is Arizona’s Gift From The Grand Canyon State.
  • Ornaments will not be returned to makers. Highly valuable ornaments may not be suitable for donation.
  • At the conclusion of the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009, project ornaments will
    be donated.

  • ONLY 5,000 outdoor ornaments will be placed on the Capitol Christmas Tree 2009.
  • Please review the Design Guidelines to ensure your ornaments are accepted.
  • Deadline for submission: October 5, 2009
  • Send ornaments to:
  • Capitol Christmas Tree 2009, Ornament Coordinator
    Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests
    30 South Chiricahua Drive
    Springerville, Arizona 85938



United States Forest Service